Manage every aspect of your business’s accounts with ease. Cashflow Manager Gold makes it simple to track cash and invoices as well as HMRC tax requirements.
Our most comprehensive bookkeeping solution not just includes all the features of Cashflow Manager, but it also creates invoices, tracks money owed to you by your debtors, tracks your supplier invoices and money you owe to suppliers, and tracks inventory you buy and sell.

Cashflow Manager, and associated products, are designed to run on a PC computer running Windows 10. For Mac users you will need to download additional software, find out more here.

You will also need at least 4GB of RAM and a monitor with a resolution of 1440 x 900 or higher to run the software.

See  just how much easier it is to manage your accounts with Cashflow Manager.

Easy to use

You don’t need to know anything about accounting! Record your financial transactions easily with our intuitive, simple rows and columns interface.

Tax made easy

Your VAT Return, tax preparation and managing your business are much easier with comprehensive reports including Cashflow, Profit & Loss and Monthly Summary reports just a click away.

Track everything in one place

Manage your cash flow, invoice and track what customers owe you along with supplier invoices and inventory on items you buy and sell.

Fast set-up

Setting up Cashflow Manager Gold for your specific business needs takes just minutes with our set up wizard. Business templates automatically establish columns for the data you need.

Easily Customise

Any growing small business needs flexibility, so with Cashflow Manager Gold it is easy to customise for your business and keep updated to meet your changing needs.

Your on-call assistant

Get quick answers to your questions and find more in-depth resources including videos to help you with Cashflow Manager Gold’s built-in virtual assistant.

Online Support

Online support is included with all Cashflow Manager subscriptions.