paid on time

Getting Paid On Time As A Small Business

As a sole trader or small business owner, you’ve probably received a late payment at some stage and suffered cashflow problems because of it. But, not only are late payments a nuisance, they’re quite common. A recent study found an estimated 20% of small businesses have run into cash flow problems because of them. So, how can you protect your business in a culture of late payments, especially when the impacts of COVID-19 are still present? Read on for our [...]

self care

Self-care: finding calm in times of crisis

New Year, new lockdown. It can’t be overstated, the way we lead our lives is changing. The news of vaccination roll-out is the bright light at the end of the tunnel and a real beacon of hope in an otherwise dark January. And of course, the situation continues to challenge us all, personally and professionally, with small businesses really feeling the squeeze. Home working – and even modified working from the office – brings its own challenge. Access to work emails [...]

Help and support

Knowledge Base: Your Cashflow Manager Help Centre

You spoke, we listened, and now we would like to introduce you to Knowledge Base, our online Cashflow Manager Help Centre. This centralised hub, which you can access direct from the support tab on the Cashflow Manager website, gives you instant access to helpful information on all Cashflow products, from installing the latest software update to handy hints and tips for setting up and using Invoice Manager.   Access Knowledge Base direct from the Cashflow website Knowledge Base is updated regularly with new [...]

business from rental home

Running Your Business From a Rented Home

A few months ago my family and I experienced a house fire that compelled us to move out of our own home and into rented accommodation for a period of time. On the day it seemed like a catastrophe, but in the greater scheme of things it wasn’t the end of the world. We will be moving back into a fully repaired, furnished and decorated home within the next few days and life will return to normal, well, as normal as it gets for us anyway. Finding myself as a tenant and not an owner occupier I looked into the implications of [...]

Gig worker making delivery

The Gig Economy Explained

We have heard a lot recently about the ‘gig economy’. The chartered institute of professional development estimate that 1.3 million people work in this sector. What is Gig economy? Previously they may have been referred to as being freelancers, contractors or simply self-employed. However their work today is most likely assigned by an app-based system which has spawned a whole new subsection of the economy. Workers employed in the Gig economy are paid for each job or “gig” they do rather than [...]

Defend from cyber attack

Defending your business against a cyber attack.

Almost half of UK businesses has suffered some sort of online attack in the last twelve months according to official government figures. It’s an increasing problem which business owners, whatever their size, need to address to defend against a cyber attack. The WannaCry ransomware attack, which infected over 230,000 computers including many in the NHS, reached 150 different countries and is just the latest in a number of online assaults which could cripple an organisation within minutes. As businesses, big [...]


Surviving a Tax Audit. What Small Business Owners Need to Know

HMRC has selected you for a tax audit. That is the kind of letter or phone call that most small business owners don’t want to get. An audit is never easy, but keeping things organised and communicating well with your accountant can help you through the process with a bit more confidence. When HMRC does a tax audit, they look at your tax affairs to make sure the information you have given is accurate, including whether you: Declared all the income [...]


4 Ways New Technology is Changing Small Business

Technology has changed many aspects of the way small businesses operate. One thing is for sure; the rapid advancement of technology is not going to slow any time soon. Those businesses who choose to keep up with and embrace current technology will reap the rewards of this, while those who fail to adapt will be left behind. So here are 4 ways new technology is changing small business. The Rise of Mobile More and more people are using mobile devices to shop, [...]

Data back-up mistakes

Mistakes small businesses make with their data backups

Everyone knows the importance of backing up their small business data, yet here at Cashflow Manager we still get many calls about lost financial information. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out that your backup system isn’t working. Here are three common data backup mistakes to look out for. Skipping Backups One of the more serious and common mistakes made by small business owners is skipping or missing backups. This could be because someone simply forgot to do it, or there [...]

Managing business in owner's absence

Could Your Business Manage Without You – Even for a Few Days?

As a small business, a sole trader or one man band, you just about do everything. You price the work, do the work, write the invoices and enjoy the profits. But what if you were taken out of the picture at short notice, with no say about it, even for a few days. What would happen to your business then? A few minutes spent planning now will pay dividends if the unexpected happens. A recent and unexpected admission to hospital [...]