Starting your own business

7 Perks of Starting Your Own Business

There’s no doubt that running your own business is a risky venture, but with that risk comes reward. Here are some of the amazing perks of starting  your own business. 1. Be your own boss When you run your own business, you have the freedom to make the decisions that are crucial to your business success. Moreover, the personal satisfaction that comes from succeeding as your own boss is priceless and worth working for. 2. Creative Freedom Small businesses are well positioned to [...]

Business Planning

Structured Business Planning for Growth and Survival

Speaking at a recent SME Association function in Adelaide in May, Cashflow Manager Australia’s CEO, Tim Millar, highlighted the need for small business enterprises to undertake structured business planning in order to grow and survive. In a brief 15-minute session, Tim presented some valuable tips that businesses should follow to ensure they continue to be relevant and competitive. Check out Tim’s talk below. Planning for small business success from Cashflow Manager on Vimeo. What is the process of business planning? Have a look at [...]

software update

FAQ: Upgrading to the Latest Version of Cashflow Manager

By keeping your accounting software up to date, you are making sure that your business is compliant with current legislation as well as with modern computer technology. Here are some of your frequently asked questions about upgrading your Cashflow Manager programs. How do I upgrade to the latest version? The easiest and quickest way to upgrade to the latest version of the program, is to visit the Cashflow Manager Download Centre. Select the program you wish to install: Cashflow Manager or Cashflow Manager GOLD [...]

special marketing events

Key Marketing Dates Every UK Small Business Should Plan For

Special times of the year give great opportunity for marketing so planning for important dates is very important when you run a small business. Of course there are the main holidays like Christmas and Easter and events such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Valentines Day, but there are also other events and key marketing dates throughout the year that you can use to your advantage. Although not every date will be relevant to your business, there’s bound to be [...]

Invoicing feature

7 Benefits of Using the New Cashflow Manager Invoicing Application

In order to improve their cash flow, small businesses need quick, efficient invoicing process.  A simple invoicing application for small business such as Cashflow Manager, can allow small businesses to send out professional invoices, quickly and in just a few simple steps. Here are 7 benefits of using the Cashflow Manager invoicing app in your small business. Invoice quickly and simply Once set up you can choose your customer, fill in the details of your invoice and email it to them from [...]

cashflow manager cloud

Cashflow Manager Cloud Accounting Software is Here!!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Cashflow Manager Cloud accounting software. Cashflow Manager Cloud is the latest addition to the Cashflow Manager stable of products and is an all new bookkeeping suite designed to enhance our range of offerings so that our valued clients have more choice as to how they do their bookkeeping. Whilst we are taking advantage of the flexibility that new technology offers, we have kept the same easy column methodology that everyone [...]

Twitter for small business

How to Make the Most of Twitter in your Small Business

This week we were fortunate enough to listen to a webinar run by Nick Bowditch, Twitter Australia’s SME Brand Specialist. This particular webinar was about how small businesses can use Twitter to engage customers and grow their business. It was interesting to find out that Australian small business owners were the first to use Twitter to talk to their customers in real time, thus showing the potential of Twitter as a marketing platform. Nick mentioned a few ways to use Twitter [...]

business from home

5 tips for running your small business from home

Working from home has many advantages. Not having to travel to work each day saves you both time and money. The Internet makes it easy to connect with clients and those you work with. Plus, if you want to stay in your pajamas or comfy clothes all day you can do that! But, it comes with its challenges too. It is easy to get distracted by household chores or the family, or find yourself overworking and unable to switch off.  [...]


How does end of support for Internet Explorer affect Cashflow Manager?

Microsoft recently announced they would end support for Internet Explorer (IE) versions 8, 9 and 10 as of January 12, 2016. Support for Internet Explorer 11 remains in place for now, but clearly with the rollout of their new browser Microsoft Edge, which is bundled into Windows 10, Microsoft are gearing up to eventually drop Internet Explorer altogether. If you like using Internet Explorer, you are not alone. Despite its detractors, IE is still used by millions of people around [...]

Secure business data

An Easy Free Method For Securing Your Backups

Backing up your Cashflow Manager files should be a routine activity, preferably every time you finish using the program. But where are you backing up to? You should be backing up to an external drive away from your computer. This could be a USB flash drive, or an external hard drive. If you are storing your backups on the same computer that your Cashflow Manager software is installed on, it is not very safe. If your computer hard-drive fails, you [...]