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Karl standing at his desk

Employee Spotlight – Karl, professional problem solver

If you’ve ever needed help using Cashflow Manager, there’s a good chance you’ve already met Karl.  

Karl spends his working day diligently answering phone calls, emails, web chats from our customers who might be having issues, need advice, or require help navigating Cashflow Manager software.  

He’s part of our Customer Engagement Team (we call them CET) here at our Adelaide office.  

Since joining the team in the middle of 2020, Karl’s favourite things about working here are being able to help our customers overcome their hurdles and spend time with his coworkers.  

“Everyone’s got a good attitude when you come in,” he says.

He says the fact that he can help people get their business – and their livelihood – back on track is a highlight. 

“It might be a super long phone call, or even a short one, but when you get to resolve [their issue] they really appreciate it so much,” he says.

“They might be struggling and stressed out, and you can get them through that little hurdle.

“So that’s pretty cool.

“You can really understand them.” 

From Cairns to Cashflow

Karl, originally from New Zealand, moved to Cairns in Queensland as a teenager. From there he continued to gather a wealth of life experience, travelling to the UK on a work-visa.  

After returning home and setting his sights on a ‘vine-change’ in 2020, Karl moved to South Australia to work at a winery in the world-famous McLaren Vale wine region.  

“Part of my job was to put [the grapes] through the crusher, then through all the hoses. It was so cool,” explains Karl.

“You think of wine as being very romantic and gentle, but you watch, and it just gets all smashed around and crushed. 

“It was hard work, but it was pretty interesting.” 

Finding himself suddenly surrounded by COVID-19 travel restrictions, he stayed in South Australia at the same time Cashflow Manager was looking to expand our Customer Engagement Team – being one of the few businesses that sought to grow during the pandemic.  

“I started casual … then slowly I was getting full time hours because I was like ‘I’m available whenever, just call me whenever’,” he says.

“So that was great, it was awesome that I could do that.” 

With COVID-19 travel restrictions now easing, Karl says he is in no rush to move back to Queensland.  

“Before I moved here, I had a good New Year’s Resolution: I wanted to move somewhere different from Cairns and I wanted to move somewhere with a different lifestyle.” 

When he’s not at work, Karl is an avid surfer, often spending the entire weekend in the water – even in winter! 

So, if you ask him, it’s one New Year’s Resolution he has easily ticked off. 


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