Software for Accountants


Improve client records, slash write-offs and increase practice efficiency with Cashflow Manager. Simple and reliable software for accountants.

If you could get nearly all of your clients to give you reconciled records, your write-offs would plummet and your practice’s efficiency would go through the roof.

Cashflow Manager makes bookkeeping so easily for small businesses, and saves them so much time, that they almost always do give their accountants fully reconciled records. In fact, accountants tell us that the rate is as high as 97% for clients using Cashflow Manager.

Between Cashflow Manager’s products, your clients can track money in, money out, invoice customers, track inventory and suppliers, manage their payroll and even track their investment properties.

Your clients don’t have to become accountants to manage their books or try to do your job, but they will be able to provide you with the reports to make it easier. Whether they prefer working on their computer, on the go online or even with traditional manual systems, we have solutions to suit.

Join Our Partner Program


Professional Partners have access to extended licences for all Cashflow Manager programs, a free Cloud account and enjoy special Inner Circle membership pricing.

Cashflow Manager was developed by accountants for accountants, with the explicit goal of providing solutions to help our partners run a more profitable and efficient practice.

Partner membership is even free to firms who actively recommend Cashflow Manager to clients.