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Managing business in owner's absence

Could Your Business Manage Without You – Even for a Few Days?

As a small business, a sole trader or one man band, you just about do everything. You price the work, do the work, write the invoices and enjoy the profits. But what if you were taken out of the picture at short notice, with no say about it, even for a few days. What would happen to your business then? A few minutes spent planning now will pay dividends if the unexpected happens. A recent and unexpected admission to hospital [...]

Impreoving workday productivity

How to make the most of each workday in your small business

Sometimes in small business, no matter how hard you work and how many hours you put in, you just can’t seem to keep up. Often you end up spending a lot of time on work that isn’t all that productive and you don’t feel like you are achieving anything. Here are a few tips on making the most of each and every day and increasing workday productivity. Eat breakfast To have a productive day you have to start at the beginning! This [...]

healthy at workplace

Top Tips for Keeping Healthy in the Workplace

Eight or more hours a day sitting at your desk can take its toll on you. It can be tough to get physically active in an office, easy to eat more than you should, and there are a number of other factors that may impact on your general well being. Keeping a healthy workplace is important and applies to us all. There are some simple ways to keep in top shape even if you are stuck at your desk 5 days [...]

Maintain work life balance

How to maintain your work-life balance when you run a small business from home

One of the great things about running a business from home is the 30 second commute, which is probably how long it takes you to get from your kitchen table to your desk. It definitely beats the 40 minute journey some of us have to endure to get to work each day. You also save on rent or buying office space, you don’t need to worry about what to wear, and you have flexible working hours. It may seem like a [...]

tips for working from home

Home Business Booms in the UK – 5 Tips on Working From Home

The majority of businesses in the UK are run from home, according to new research. There are currently 2.5 million home business owners operating across the UK. This represents 52% of the total number of UK small businesses and 8% of the UK’s total workforce, finds a study by insurer Direct Line for Business (DL4B). The analysis highlights an evolving UK workforce which has developed in a challenging and uncertain economic environment, according to the company. It adds that millions of people [...]