Learn how a positive workplace can benefit a small business.

For a succesful positive workplace here is what you should do.

healthy at workplace

Top Tips for Keeping Healthy in the Workplace

Eight or more hours a day sitting at your desk can take its toll on you. It can be tough to get physically active in an office, easy to eat more than you should, and there are a number of other factors that may impact on your general well being. Keeping a healthy workplace is important and applies to us all. There are some simple ways to keep in top shape even if you are stuck at your desk 5 days [...]

Positive workplace environment

How Your Small Business Can Be a Positive Workplace

Did you know the average person spends around 1896 hours in a year in their workplace? That is a huge amount of time to spend in one place and way too long to be stuck in a negative environment. As a business owner, your staff are your biggest asset and it is important that their workplace is as positive as possible. Sometimes this is easier said than done and creating a positive culture in the work place is not a simple [...]