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paid on time

Getting Paid On Time As A Small Business

As a sole trader or small business owner, you’ve probably received a late payment at some stage and suffered cashflow problems because of it. But, not only are late payments a nuisance, they’re quite common. A recent study found an estimated 20% of small businesses have run into cash flow problems because of them. So, how can you protect your business in a culture of late payments, especially when the impacts of COVID-19 are still present? Read on for our [...]

self care

Self-care: finding calm in times of crisis

New Year, new lockdown. It can’t be overstated, the way we lead our lives is changing. The news of vaccination roll-out is the bright light at the end of the tunnel and a real beacon of hope in an otherwise dark January. And of course, the situation continues to challenge us all, personally and professionally, with small businesses really feeling the squeeze. Home working – and even modified working from the office – brings its own challenge. Access to work emails [...]


Surviving a Tax Audit. What Small Business Owners Need to Know

HMRC has selected you for a tax audit. That is the kind of letter or phone call that most small business owners don’t want to get. An audit is never easy, but keeping things organised and communicating well with your accountant can help you through the process with a bit more confidence. When HMRC does a tax audit, they look at your tax affairs to make sure the information you have given is accurate, including whether you: Declared all the income [...]

Invoicing feature

7 Benefits of Using the New Cashflow Manager Invoicing Application

In order to improve their cash flow, small businesses need quick, efficient invoicing process.  A simple invoicing application for small business such as Cashflow Manager, can allow small businesses to send out professional invoices, quickly and in just a few simple steps. Here are 7 benefits of using the Cashflow Manager invoicing app in your small business. Invoice quickly and simply Once set up you can choose your customer, fill in the details of your invoice and email it to them from [...]

professional business invoices

How to Create Professional Invoices for Your Small Business

For many small businesses, all the hours and energy you put into completing a project results in creating an invoice at the end of the day. It’s important that your small business has professional invoices for a number of reasons. 1. You get paid via invoices. If your invoice is sent out on time and has the terms and conditions set out clearly, you will be more likely to get paid on time. 2. You need invoices to keep business records. [...]

Cashflow Manager version 9

Introducing Cashflow Manager Version 9

Cashflow Manager version 9 has many new features and enhancements that mainly result from suggestions from program users. The help files that are included with your version 9 software provide detailed instructions on how to operate the software, so please refer to the help files for detailed instructions. Version 9 has been tested to ensure it complies with Windows 10. The following is a summary of the other new features: Cashflow Manager Customise Columns:  In the previous version of Cashflow Manager, when you [...]

cash flow

Small Businesses Still Face Cash Flow Trouble as a Result of Late Payments

Late payments and unpaid accounts have been named the most common causes of cashflow trouble amongst small businesses in the UK. Despite attention from successive governments the issue of late payments still remains. The latest research done by Sage found that more than two thirds of firms (68%) have to wait 60 days or more for payment and more than half are waiting over 90 days. For two out of three business owners (67%), larger firms are the worst offenders when [...]

Use Cashflow Manager

5 Steps to Using Cashflow Manager More Effectively in your Accounting Practice

Here are some tips for processing the work you get from your Cashflow Manager clients in the most efficient way for your practice. Watch the video below to see exactly how to perform these five steps in Cashflow Manager. Plus there is also the answer to one of your frequently asked questions included. 1. Get the backup file from your client  How do you get your client’s data? The easiest way is to get them to do a backup – get them to [...]

cash flow budget

Creating a Cash Flow Budget for your Small Business

At the start of a new year it is always a good idea to put together a cash flow budget for your small business especially if you do not have one for the financial year. A cash flow budget helps you see what cash your business will have available to meet expenses by recording the cash you expect to receive and pay out over a chosen period of time. A cash flow budget is actually one of the most important management [...]

tips for a happy accountant

4 Tips for a Happy Accountant

Maintaining good working relationships with those you do business with is very important, and your accountant is no exception. A little extra effort and consideration on your part can keep your accountant happy, allow them to do the best job possible for you and your business to reap the rewards. Be Consistent with your Bookkeeping Unfortunately, it is all too common for small business owners to put off doing the books for weeks or even months at a time. Your accountant [...]