To customise your columns click on the ‘customise columns’ icon. The page that appears will give you the option to customise your ‘Money in’ or ‘Money out’ columns by clicking the tab for the section you wish to modify.

The table lists all the columns that are included in the business template you selected and includes five fields of information, which you need to fill in:

  1. The Column Name, which can be up to 50 characters in length and must be unique
  2. The Accountant’s Code is used to match the codes used by your accountant’s general ledger program. If you don’t know the code your accountant uses, leave this blank.
  3. The Tax Type determines the VAT reporting that applies to the column.
  4. The Profit/Loss status – if the checkbox is ticked, then the column will be included in the Profit and Loss Report; if not, it will appear on the Balance Sheet (Movement) Report.
  5. Hide, which allows irrelevant columns to be hidden from the Money In and Out sections.

The buttons on the right side perform various functions:

  • [Add New] Click on this button to add a new column.
  • [Delete] Click on the line for the column you wish to delete and then click on the [Delete] The column will be deleted unless there is data recorded in that column.
  • [Undo] The [Undo] button will be activated when you delete a column. You can click on this button to ‘undo’ the deletion.
  • [Sort A-Z] Sort your columns alphabetically.
  • [Sort Z-A] Sort your columns in reverse alphabetical order.
  • [Add to All Accounts] Columns in one account can be added to all other accounts.
  • [Up and Down Arrows] Move your selected column in the direction of the arrow, one position for each click.
  • [Save] Click on this button to save the changes you have made. An information box will advise that your changes have been saved.
  • [Cancel] Exit the Customise Columns table. Any changes you have made since you last clicked the [Save] button will not be saved.

To save your changes and then exit the Customise Columns table, click on the [Save] button and then the [Cancel] button.