1. To record a ‘money in’ transaction, first select the account you wish to add the transaction to.
  2. Click on the ‘Money In’ tab and ensure you are working in the correct month and year.
  3. Type the correct day of the month in the ‘day’ box and press [Enter].
  4. Type in the name of your customer and press [Enter].
  5. Type in the details of your money in transaction and press [Enter].
  6. Add in your receipt number if there is one, or press the [Tab] if you wish to leave this blank.
  7. Enter the amount into ‘total receipts’ and press [Enter].
  8. The curser will go to the ‘VAT’ field and the VAT will be automatically calculated. Press [Enter] to accept the amount, or edit the amount and then press [Enter].
  9. Use the tab or left and right arrow keys to move the amount to the correct allocation column. Alternatively you can press the letter that the column starts with. For example, if the ‘S’ key was pressed, the allocation would jump to the ‘Sales’ column.
  10. The amount will now appear in the ‘Bank Deposits’ column. If you have deposited it into the bank simply press [Enter]. If you have held the money as cash, press the [Tab] button to add the amount to the ‘Receipts not Banked’ and press [Enter].
  11. Your line is now complete and you can move onto your next transaction.