Once the Cashflow Manager application is downloaded and installed, it must be connected to your Cashflow Manager PC program.

This connection enables the Cashflow Manager PC program to sync data to the application via OneDrive.

To set up the mobile device connection and perform the initial sync:

  1. Sign into OneDrive
  2. Open your Cashflow manager Program and current Cashflow Manager file
  3. Click on the ‘Invoice’ tab
  4. Click on [Tools]
  5. Click on [Options]
  6. Click on [Mobile Device Connection]
  7. Choose your ‘Sync Time’. This is the interval at which the Cashflow Manager program automatically syncs data to the app. The program defaults the time to 5 minutes, but this can be changed.
  8. Add in your mobile devices. The program allows you to have up to 5 mobile devices connected to the application.

To find the name of your mobile device on your iPhone/iPad, tap the ‘settings’ icon. Select the Cashflow Manager application. The mobile identifier will appear under sync settings (eg: MOB1)

You will then need to copy this mobile identifier into the ‘Mobile Devices’ section of the PC program.

  1. Once the Mobile Identifier has been entered click on the [Initial Sync] button.
  2. When all information is entered into the ‘Mobile Device Connection’ section of the program click [Save].

You are now ready to use the Cashflow Manager Application.