NEW Cashflow Manger v11 FEATURES you can count on

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We trust you will be just as pleased with the Version 11 Release as we are. You will see a significant amount of changes to this new release, and trialled and tested my many satisfied users, once you get into the swing of things, you won’t look back! The new features included in Version 11 will help you save hours of time with your bookkeeping, give you valuable insights into your business, as well as keeping you compliant with HMRC.

Enhancements to our look

  • New user interface throughout the program,
  • New left side navigation menu allows the user to navigate between sections with a single click,
  • New business dashboard provides a visual snapshot of your business in a single page,
  • Colour scheme changes for more enjoyable bookkeeping,
  • and, the Ability to edit grid font size based on your preference.

Improved Functionality

  • Click through option for dashboard graphs. Clicking on a graph in the dashboard will take you to the corresponding report
  • Added business budget which allows you to set up a budget for your entire business, rather than by account
  • The addition of a ‘Private Use’ section to separate business and personal expenses
  • You can now set up reminders to appear within the program
  • Map bank statements for auto-allocation of income and expenses
  • A variety of reports can “Drill-Down” collective amounts and transactions. This allows the user to locate and view individual transactions that make up these amounts.
  • As a time-saver, you can create email message templates to auto-fill the message.

One of the biggest enhancements we know you’ll love, is our uniquely simple system to help you calculate your VAT.

You simply allocate a VAT ‘Tax Type’ that matches the boxes on the Business Activity Statement to your columns. When entering Money In you record the gross amount (including VAT) into the appropriate column and the VAT will be automatically calculated from the VAT ‘Tax Type’ allocated to the column.

Simplicity you can count on!

Your Version 11 User Guide provides a simple, step-by-step guide to understand all new features in detail.