Frequently Asked Questions

You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking items. Items in this list may be removed and/or updated without notice.

[Enhancement] Addition of an Asset manager to Gold version.

[Enhancement] Adding dashboards for Profitability and Working Capital.

[Enhancement] New Customised invoice layouts option.

[Enhancement] Conversion facility to convert Desktop data to the Cloud program.

[Enhancement] Addition of a loan register.

[Fix] Made adjustment to Fraud headers in MTD lodgement data.

[Fix] MTD VAT box 5 now calculates correctly in all cases.

[Fix] Fixed method that gave users “No Connection” message when submitting via MTD.

[Fix] Added extra Date validation when submitting via MTD.

[Enhancement] MTD ready

[Fix] Transaction listing report now shows correct amounts for Vat Zero rated entries. (Blue)

[Fix] Transactions split over several columns no longer give incorrect VAT totals in Transaction listing. (Blue)

[Fix] The edit VAT menu item now working for all tax types. (Blue)

[Fix] Allocations split between VAT and zero rated now show correctly when generating generic export files. (Blue)

[Enhancement] Added Invoice number to subject when emailing. (Blue)

[Enhancement] Added button to email invoice statements from Customer screen.  (Blue)

[Enhancement] Unlock code can be copied from email and pasted in to program when unlocking.

[Enhancement] Dashboard graphs now load in background to speed up file loading times.

[Fix] Missing currency symbol in options no longer causes errors when creating ABA files.  (Blue)

[Fix] On hand inventory figures no longer display to 13 decimal places.  (Gold)

[Fix] Working in Invoice manager while Dashboard graphs are loading no longer causes errors.  (Gold)

[Fix] Fixed VAT calculations that could cause dicrepancies.  (Gold)

[Fix] Net Cashflow Graph on Dash board now displays current financial year correctly.

[Fix] Adding new column to all accounts in Accountant export file now works.

[Enhancement] New User interface throughout the program

[Enhancement] New left side navigation menu allows user to navigate between sections with a single click

[Enhancement] New Business Dashboard provides a visual snapshot of your business in single page

[Enhancement] Click through option for Dashboard graphs. Clicking on a graph in Dashboard will take user to corresponding report

[Enhancement] Added Business Budget lets you set up a budget for your whole business rather than by account

[Enhancement] Ability to edit grid font size based on your preference.

[Enhancement] Colour scheme changes for more enjoyable bookkeeping.

[Enhancement] The addition of a ‘Private Use’ section to separate business and personal expenses.

[Enhancement] You can now set up reminders to appear within the program.

[Enhancement] Map bank statements for auto-allocation of income and expenses.

[Enhancement] A variety of reports can “Drill-Down” collective amounts and transactions. This allows the user to locate and view individual transactions that make up these amounts.

[Enhancement] You can create email message templates to auto-fill the message.

No. We do not access your computer. Our software uses your internet connection to communicate with our servers to validate your licence status. We keep our products continually updated and where a product is no longer licenced or supported our smart technology prevents further access.

Make sure you are up to date with your payment. Cashflow Manager uses a subscription model, allowing customers to always have the latest software and taxation reporting capability. If you are behind with your payment, contact us now to regain access to your Cashflow Manager program. Alternatively, please contact the CARE Support Team.