Frequently Asked Questions

You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking items. Items in this list may be removed and/or updated without notice.

[Enhancement] Addition of an Asset manager to Gold version.

[Enhancement] Adding dashboards for Profitability and Working Capital.

[Enhancement] New Customised invoice layouts option.

[Enhancement] Conversion facility to convert Desktop data to the Cloud program.

[Enhancement] Addition of a loan register.

[Fix] Removing receipt that has credit amounts allocated to multiple invoices no longer gives an error.

[Fix] VAT liability graph on the dashboard now shows correct figures for all financial year starting months.

[Fix] Made adjustment to Fraud headers in MTD lodgement data.

[Fix] MTD amounts for ‘Cashflow Manager Totals’ and ‘Adjustments’ are now correct if more than one account is used..

[Fix] Made adjustment to Fraud headers in MTD lodgement data.

[Fix] MTD VAT box 5 now calculates correctly in all cases.

[Fix] Fixed method that gave users “No Connection” message when submitting via MTD.

[Fix] Added extra Date validation when submitting via MTD.

[Enhancement] MTD ready

[Fix] Transaction listing report now shows correct amounts for Vat Zero rated entries. (Blue)

[Fix] Transactions split over several columns no longer give incorrect VAT totals in Transaction listing. (Blue)

[Fix] The edit VAT menu item now working for all tax types. (Blue)

[Fix] Allocations split between VAT and zero rated now show correctly when generating generic export files. (Blue)

[Enhancement] Added Invoice number to subject when emailing. (Blue)

[Enhancement] Added button to email invoice statements from Customer screen.  (Blue)

[Enhancement] Unlock code can be copied from email and pasted in to program when unlocking.

[Enhancement] Dashboard graphs now load in background to speed up file loading times.

[Fix] Missing currency symbol in options no longer causes errors when creating ABA files.  (Blue)

[Fix] On hand inventory figures no longer display to 13 decimal places.  (Gold)

[Fix] Working in Invoice manager while Dashboard graphs are loading no longer causes errors.  (Gold)

[Fix] Fixed VAT calculations that could cause dicrepancies.  (Gold)

[Fix] Net Cashflow Graph on Dash board now displays current financial year correctly.

[Fix] Adding new column to all accounts in Accountant export file now works.