Cashflow Manager CARE

Terms & Conditions


    1. Service Availability: Service availability may occasionally vary from the stated hours due to downtime of systems, server maintenance and public holidays. While our aim is to provide you with exceptional service, response times vary in accordance with call volumes so on occasions you may experience some delay in having one of our support technicians answer your query.


    1. Support Topic Limitations: Technical support inquiries are limited to installation, usability and functionality of your Cashflow Manager product. Cashflow Manager Support Technicians are unable to provide advice regarding taxation and general accounting issues or training. Cashflow Manager may be unable to resolve issues caused by third-party software, services, hardware, or networking problems. Finding and correcting errors in bank reconciliations may incur a fee when the software is not the cause of the discrepancy. The support technician will determine the nature of the inquiry for these purposes.


    1. Free Support Upgrades: Cashflow Manager CARE entitles members to free upgrades if such upgrades become available during the term of your membership. Cashflow Manager does not warrant there will be any new versions during the membership term. Occasionally software service releases may be available only as a free download from the Cashflow Manager website, in which case a shipping and handling fee will apply for CDs to be sent.


  1. General Policies: Cashflow Manager reserves the right to limit or terminate membership to any customer who uses the services in an abusive or fraudulent manner. Terms, conditions, features, procedures, pricing and availability are subject to change at any time without notice. Cashflow Manager’s 0345 telephone support numbers are available at the cost of a local call unless you are using a mobile or pay phone. Cashflow Manager Technical Support benefits only apply to the Cashflow Manager product for which the membership is held. Cashflow Manager reserves the right to limit each telephone call to half an hour and to terminate any calls where customers are abusive.