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4 Ways Your Small Business Can Work Smarter

Most small business owners start out with a tight budget, trying to do everything themselves, and working 16 hour days. This is often not the most productive way for you to be operating nor does it make the best use of your entrepreneurial skills.

This is why it is important to work smarter in your business by prioritising your tasks, delegating where possible, using the right technology and considering outsourcing. So here are 4 ways your small business can work smarter.


Think about which tasks only you can do. These could be things like hiring and giving media interviews. Basically, if someone else is able to do the work, then it isn’t a job for you as the business owner.


Find the right people to fit the jobs that need to be done. Once you have trained someone to do the job, trust them to do it properly.


Technology can greatly improve the way you go about tasks by speeding up your processes or even allow new, more flexible ways of carrying out a job.

If you find that your social media sites are taking up too much of your time, try using a service like HootSuite which allows you to schedule all your posts. Save links and pictures in a specific folder when you come across them, and then set aside 30 minutes on a Saturday to sit down and schedule your posts to go out for the week or month.

Every small business needs easy accounting software. It will help you save time by tracking your money in and out, tracking inventory, managing cash flow and much more.

UK businesses are very diverse and are becoming increasingly mobile. This means that they need the right tools to be able to access their information and data wherever they are.

There are many apps around that can help you manage your projects and even some that allow you to invoice clients whilst out in the field. Have a look around at some apps that could assist you with increasing your business’ productivity.


Why not rent an expert rather than employing them full time? There are a lot of online services that provide marketing, design, video, animation and the list goes on. Check out some sites like Upwork and Fiverr – you might be surprised by the quality of what’s out there!

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