Keeping your technology up to date is an essential step in maintaining a successful business.

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Defend from cyber attack

Defending your business against a cyber attack.

Almost half of UK businesses has suffered some sort of online attack in the last twelve months according to official government figures. It’s an increasing problem which business owners, whatever their size, need to address to defend against a cyber attack. The WannaCry ransomware attack, which infected over 230,000 computers including many in the NHS, reached 150 different countries and is just the latest in a number of online assaults which could cripple an organisation within minutes. As businesses, big [...]


4 Ways New Technology is Changing Small Business

Technology has changed many aspects of the way small businesses operate. One thing is for sure; the rapid advancement of technology is not going to slow any time soon. Those businesses who choose to keep up with and embrace current technology will reap the rewards of this, while those who fail to adapt will be left behind. So here are 4 ways new technology is changing small business. The Rise of Mobile More and more people are using mobile devices to shop, [...]