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6 Technology Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow

Is your small business making the most of new technology? Of course you would be using a computer and a mobile phone – these days that’s pretty much a given, but are you truly utilising the power of technology to grow your business?

Here are 6 ways technology can help you improve efficiency in your business.

Bank on the Run

Get your bank’s mobile app so that you can pay bills while you are out and about, check whether payments have gone through and view your different bank account balances.

Back Up to the Cloud

Chances are you already encounter the cloud daily. From Google Drive to OneCloud to Dropbox, whenever you store information without using your phone or tablet’s internal data you’re storing information in the cloud. Backing up your data to the cloud rather than just to your hard drive is a great idea. For example, if you back up your Cashflow Manager file to Dropbox it is safe if your computer gets a virus or is stolen. You can also choose to share these files with others such as your accountant. You can enjoy the benefits of the cloud while having the security of having your program and data on your desktop.

Implement an easy Accounting System

Many businesses still prepare their accounts using excel which is slow and time consuming! When your statements, invoices and payments are completed in a simple accounting program like Cashflow Manager, they can be easily accessed or printed when needed, which leaves you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Invoice on the Go

For small business owners having a device to help you stay in control of your business while you are on the go can be very handy. Invoicing on the spot is great for your business, as the quicker you invoice the quicker you are likely to get paid. Cashflow Manager Version 9, which will be released soon, will link to a new Apple iPhone/iPad app that will allow you to invoice in the field. The mobile app synchronises with your Cashflow Manager desktop so you have peace of mind that when you do your books at the end of the day, all your invoices are already in the system. This will improve the accuracy of your data and also reduce the amount of time you will spend doing your books day to day.

Get Social

Social media is very important for getting the word out about your business. It’s a great idea to create a plan for your social media, and then sign up for your chosen social media platforms. This means you can update customers with the latest deals or news and connect with them while you are on the go. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all pretty easy to manage from your smart phone or tablet.

Get Connected

To avoid time-consuming and costly business trips use Skype to hold voice or video conference calls. Another great tool is GoToMeeting, which allows you to show your screen and also work face to face with clients, prospects, partners or employees.

You can see that armed with no more than a computer, the right software, a smart device and a few key apps, small businesses can tweet specials, invoice customers, have international meetings, pay the bills and improve their overall efficiency.


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