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small business invoicing software

Why Should I Use Small Business Invoicing Software?

I think the benefits of using small business invoicing software to create your invoices are pretty obvious! Not only can you create invoices quickly and easily, but there are also extra things that will help your business become more efficient and give you better insights into your business and customers.

One of the biggest benefits is, that after creating it, your invoice can be sent immediately and you can choose whether you want to print it or not. You can choose to be a completely paper-free business and send the invoice by email, and at the touch of a button your client can receive their invoice in their inbox. And the sooner the client gets the invoice, the sooner you get paid!

If you are VAT registered, you have to comply with the HMRC specified formatting rules when invoicing customers. An accounting program like Cashflow Manager can help you to do this automatically.

Furthermore, you can prepare statements, track money owed to you by customers, and money you owe to suppliers.

And… without your customers, your business would not exist so it is essential to maintain a good relationship with them. Your invoicing software will enable you to see how much each client is spending with you and when, so you can monitor their requirements.

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