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new year resolutions for small business

5 New Year Resolutions for Small Businesses

At around this time every year people decide that they are going to make a change or resolution in the New Year.

As a small business owner, this time of the year is perfect for taking a step back and assessing your business. It’s a great idea to have some resolutions in mind for your business, so that you can kick off 2015 in the best way possible.

Take a look at your business plan

Your business plan is one of the most important parts of your small business. If your business plan has been stashed away in the draw for a couple of years take it out, read it and update it! Yes, your business plan should be updated regularly to reflect changes in the market and in your small business.

Know your numbers

You need to have some understanding of where your money is going in your business so you can manage it effectively. By knowing the numbers that are relevant to your business you can make sure you are giving yourself every opportunity to grow and prosper. Using simple accounting software will help you match your cash supply with any planned outlays, which is particularly helpful over the holiday period. It will also make many other processes much easier like invoicing customers and paying your employees.

Work on your website

Take some time to update and improve your website. Most business nowadays have a website, but often they are just sitting there neglected. Basic optimisation of your website is essential.

You will need to think about what search engines are looking for as well as how you can best serve your customers through your website.

With a free tool like Google Analytics you can find out where your customers are coming from, what they are looking at and whether they are purchasing anything on your site. This will help you know a lot more about your customers and allow you to tailor your website to your audience’s needs.

Refresh your office

If you’re like most business owners I know your desk is probably cluttered and your computer desktop is probably about the same. Spend some time shredding things you don’t need and organising your computer files. Not only will it make things simpler to find, but your office will feel fresh for the new year.

Learn something new

If the end of the year is quiet for you, catch up on some reading. Check out some industry blogs, books and magazines so you can be on top of everything going on in your industry.

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