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Marketing for your small business

5 Small Business Marketing Trends to Implement Now!

As technology changes and improves, so does marketing. These advances in technology can even let you know which of all your efforts is generating you the best results.

To really get the most from your marketing and advertising it is important to get on top of the current trends.

Content Marketing

Search engines are loving websites with new, high quality content now more than ever. Great search engine rankings are about more than about stuffing your website with keywords. To be really successful you need to be posting quality content regularly.

Social Media

Social media is not new, but it has definitely become more advanced. Make sure you select which social media site works best for your business and focus your efforts on building your community there.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are still a very important part of the marketing toolbox for small businesses. A recent study of online marketing techniques found that email marketing has a high conversion rate and is a good way to interact with customers. Like any other form of online marketing, make sure you have a strategy for your email campaigns.

Video Marketing

If you aren’t doing this yet, you are missing out on a huge market opportunity! It’s not just that so many people are watching videos, but the reasons they watch video that are so important. Video a great chance to present your message in a short, engaging and visual way and statistics show viewers love this.

Graphics are Important

Communicating visually is becoming more and more important. If the explosion of infographics and Pinterest didn’t tip you off, then how about the new designs of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter which now ask you to upload large cover photos. Make your marketing more visual from now on!

This article first appeared on the Cashflow Manager Australia Blog.

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