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business lessons from the world cup

5 Small Business Lessons from the World Cup

Almost 700 million soccer fans from around the world have tuned in to watch the soccer or football World Cup. The world is watching with bated breath as the 32 best teams compete against each other to become the world champions.

If you take a step back from the nail-biting excitement, it is interesting to note how many lessons small business owners can learn by watching the World Cup.

Get Disciplined

Success doesn’t just happen by itself. In fact, it is often said that practice is what makes you perfect. Whether your goal is to be a soccer star or a business guru, you have to practice to improve in your chosen field. This takes time and discipline and that’s why it is often overlooked in small business. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of further training and development, as it will help you find greater success.

Teamwork is Important

Individual talent is a very important part of any great team, and in every tournament there are standout players. The Netherlands are known for having many stand out players, but have never actually been crowned world champions. Unfortunately, they are better known for fighting amongst themselves. Maybe they can turn it around this year.

Having a group of the most talented individuals doesn’t mean much if they can’t put their ego aside and work together toward a common goal. This is the same in business. Working together well sometimes means that you must give up some of the praise or recognition for the benefit of the team as a whole.

Find a Great Coach

As an athlete, having a good coach can make a big impact on your career. The coach is there to help the athlete to develop new techniques and improve their overall performance. In business, having a mentor is just as important for success. They will not only help you to set goals, but will also make you accountable for those goals. It will take effort to find the right mentor, just as sports teams need to find the right coach, but it will definitely be worthwhile.

Keep your Eye on the Competition

Coaches and players in soccer watch endless hours of video of the competitors that they will have to play against in the World Cup.  In business it’s also about welcoming competition and keeping tabs on what they are doing. In business you need to outsmart your competitors so you can stay at the top of your niche.

Know when you need Down Time

Don’t be worried about taking some time off to rest and recover. Star athletes need to know when they need to rest their bodies and come back stronger and ready to work hard. Schedule some away from your business in your calendar so you can do the same.


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