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Bookkeeping mistakes

The top 9 mistakes in DIY bookkeeping

What better time to put your end of financial year processes under the microscope. After all, it seems that bookkeeping is either a task left in the ‘to do’ basket until it’s too late or done at the last minute, increasing the likelihood of mistakes. Many small to medium business owners are often juggling a variety of tasks from managing staff and business developments through to hands on work. However, simple bookkeeping mistakes can cost a small business thousands of dollars, [...]

online banking in small business

4 reasons to use online banking in your small business

Online banking offers a very welcome change from sitting down for hours to physically balance your cheque books and dealing with the errors that come from hand-written ledgers. It has now become so easy to manage your finances online. If you want to know how online banking can benefit you and your business, we have put together four reasons to use the Internet to manage your money. 1. Convenient Thanks to the Internet, our society has become incredibly impatient – but really, [...]

accounting software for volunteers

Easy Accounting Software for Volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of all nonprofit organisations, and without them things just wouldn’t happen. But regrettably, you probably often face completely new teams, committees and treasurers, or the people who put their hand up do not have the abilities you need to keep your organisation’s finances up to date. It is particularly difficult when using systems that need the user to know accounting. Now that’s not to criticise volunteers by any means! The majority are industrious, community minded [...]

end of financial year reporting

The Small Business Guide to a Stress-Free End of Financial Year

The end of the financial year can be a stressful time for small business owners due to the reporting obligations you have to take care of as a business. You have commitments to HMRC that you need to meet and information you need to give to your accountant. It can be especially daunting if there are new laws or regulations that apply to running a business. The key to a stress-free financial year is to get organised and maintain a regular [...]