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business lessons from the world cup

5 Small Business Lessons from the World Cup

Almost 700 million soccer fans from around the world have tuned in to watch the soccer or football World Cup. The world is watching with bated breath as the 32 best teams compete against each other to become the world champions. If you take a step back from the nail-biting excitement, it is interesting to note how many lessons small business owners can learn by watching the World Cup. Get Disciplined Success doesn’t just happen by itself. In fact, it is often [...]

Small business owners can learn

6 things small business owners can learn from the Winter Olympics

In Sochi we are witnessing the impressive results of some talented sports men and women who have set goals, worked towards them and achieved them. We have had the games on around the Cashflow Manager office, and while watching them I have noticed how many parallels there are between these elite athletes and entrepreneurs. So here are six things that the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics can teach small business owners. 1. You Have to Put in the Hard Work to Reach [...]


More Consumers Are Choosing to Shop Small Business in the UK

Consumers are beginning to acknowledge that small businesses are a vital part of the nation’s economy according to information released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and are choosing to shop at small businesses. Britain’s smaller stores are leading the way when it comes to building growth in the retail sector. Small retailers recorded an 8.1% rise in sales in December compared with a 2.6% rise at large high-street businesses. However, the ONS is not alone in stating that things [...]

plan for the new year

6 Small Business Tips to Help You Plan For the New Year

The silly season is almost upon us and 2014 is only weeks away. This period can be crazy for many small businesses, with staff absences, increased business activity, and extended trading hours. Business owners need to have a plan in place to kick off the new year in the best way possible. Review Your Products and Services Can you repackage or arrange promotions to make your products and services more attractive to changing customer needs for the holiday and new year [...]

Having an edge as a small business

7 Ways a Small Business Can Have an Edge on its Larger Competitors

It’s difficult in having an edge as a small business over your larger competitors. Small businesses must know their strengths over bigger companies to be in a position to succeed. Frequently, smaller businesses attempt to look large and bigger companies try to look smaller and personal. It is essential that you learn to take hold of the benefits of being small. Below are some great tips for using those benefits to your advantage. Be Flexible Looking at what other bigger companies can [...]

affiliate marketing for small business

Affiliate Marketing – An Effective Tool for Small Business

Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most efficient and effective ways for merchants to advertise online. The basic idea behind affiliate marketing is that a merchant rewards a website owner for the leads or sales they generate through promoting a product on their site. Affiliate marketing provides you with heaps of benefits as a merchant: It gives you a wider market in which to advertise your product or service.  It will give your product or service the maximum exposure that it may [...]


UK Small Business Start-Ups on the Rise

UK businesses are finding it easier than ever to grow with smaller costs for startups and greater confidence in the economy. Due to this there is an entrepreneurial boom taking place all across the UK, with lots of new business ventures. Freelancer.co.uk have have studied 300,000 businesses and discovered that the number of people starting up micro-businesses and hiring people for part-time work has risen by 24% over the last 12 months. The study also shows that this rise in confidence among small [...]

small business invoicing software

Why Should I Use Small Business Invoicing Software?

I think the benefits of using small business invoicing software to create your invoices are pretty obvious! Not only can you create invoices quickly and easily, but there are also extra things that will help your business become more efficient and give you better insights into your business and customers. One of the biggest benefits is, that after creating it, your invoice can be sent immediately and you can choose whether you want to print it or not. You can [...]

save time for your business

How accounting software can save your small business hours of work

We all know that time is money in business, and anything that takes you away from growing your business is costing you! An easy accounting program will save you time and money because you can get started straight away without having to spend weeks learning to use it.  It will also help you to minimise mistakes, enhance your business processes, and help you complete tasks more efficiently. A lot of businesses still prepare their accounts using excel, which is slow and [...]

end of financial year reporting

The Small Business Guide to a Stress-Free End of Financial Year

The end of the financial year can be a stressful time for small business owners due to the reporting obligations you have to take care of as a business. You have commitments to HMRC that you need to meet and information you need to give to your accountant. It can be especially daunting if there are new laws or regulations that apply to running a business. The key to a stress-free financial year is to get organised and maintain a regular [...]