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professional business invoices

How to Create Professional Invoices for Your Small Business

For many small businesses, all the hours and energy you put into completing a project results in creating an invoice at the end of the day. It’s important that your small business has professional invoices for a number of reasons. 1. You get paid via invoices. If your invoice is sent out on time and has the terms and conditions set out clearly, you will be more likely to get paid on time. 2. You need invoices to keep business records. [...]

cash flow

Small Businesses Still Face Cash Flow Trouble as a Result of Late Payments

Late payments and unpaid accounts have been named the most common causes of cashflow trouble amongst small businesses in the UK. Despite attention from successive governments the issue of late payments still remains. The latest research done by Sage found that more than two thirds of firms (68%) have to wait 60 days or more for payment and more than half are waiting over 90 days. For two out of three business owners (67%), larger firms are the worst offenders when [...]

receivables management

Receivables Management – Improving Cash Flow in Your Small Business

Late payments and outstanding accounts receivable have been named the most common causes of cash flow crises in the UK. Businesses in the UK are growing more and more concerned about their cash flow over recent years. A survey by Santander Corporate & Commercial reveals that almost one in six UK small businesses say they are ‘very’ concerned about managing cash flow effectively over the next 12 months, with a further 27 per cent saying they are ‘quite’ concerned. So how [...]