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Cashflow Manager Cloud Accounting Software is Here!!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Cashflow Manager Cloud accounting software.

Cashflow Manager Cloud is the latest addition to the Cashflow Manager stable of products and is an all new bookkeeping suite designed to enhance our range of offerings so that our valued clients have more choice as to how they do their bookkeeping.

Whilst we are taking advantage of the flexibility that new technology offers, we have kept the same easy column methodology that everyone loves about our manual system and desktop software.
Watch the video below for an overview of Cashflow Manager Cloud. 

Here are some of the differences between Cashflow Manager Cloud and our Cashflow Manager desktop software:

Work from anywhere

You can login and do your accounts or review reports from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You are not limited by having to be in your office with your desktop computer that has the software on it.

Work Online 

It also means that you do not have to install any software yourself. You simply login to the application from your web browser and do what you need to do.

No back ups or software updates

With desktop software you must make sure that you do regular backups and manually install software updates when they are released. With Cashflow Manager Cloud this is all done for you so you have peace of mind if your computer crashes or is stolen.

Easy collaboration

With Cashflow Manager cloud you can connect your books with your accountant in real time without the need to swap the files.

The other important thing to mention is that your data belongs to you, not your accountant or anyone else. All data is stored on servers hosted by Amazon to ensure its security.

To find out more or start a free trial please visit Cashflow Manager’s website.

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  • Malcolm Goodson Reply

    Hi Tim,

    I have had a look at your Video which is comprehensive but as I am not a natural accountant, it will take several attempts to understand it. We are a small business and we don’t do E Banking preferring to stay with cheques as long as we can. Therefore, much of the programme would not be used just Monthly money in and money out, and quarterly VAT reports. For me, it will take a lot of understanding in order to extend our recording of transactions.

    However, in April 2019, we have to go digital so I would like to know how Cloud Cash Flow will be applied in order to meet the requirements of HMRC.from April 2019.?

    23/03/2018 at 12:15PM

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