Learn about how a small business can use a simple accounting software such as Cashflow Manager to achieve their goals.

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business from home

5 tips for running your small business from home

Working from home has many advantages. Not having to travel to work each day saves you both time and money. The Internet makes it easy to connect with clients and those you work with. Plus, if you want to stay in your pajamas or comfy clothes all day you can do that! But, it comes with its challenges too. It is easy to get distracted by household chores or the family, or find yourself overworking and unable to switch off.  [...]


How does end of support for Internet Explorer affect Cashflow Manager?

Microsoft recently announced they would end support for Internet Explorer (IE) versions 8, 9 and 10 as of January 12, 2016. Support for Internet Explorer 11 remains in place for now, but clearly with the rollout of their new browser Microsoft Edge, which is bundled into Windows 10, Microsoft are gearing up to eventually drop Internet Explorer altogether. If you like using Internet Explorer, you are not alone. Despite its detractors, IE is still used by millions of people around [...]

Secure business data

An Easy Free Method For Securing Your Backups

Backing up your Cashflow Manager files should be a routine activity, preferably every time you finish using the program. But where are you backing up to? You should be backing up to an external drive away from your computer. This could be a USB flash drive, or an external hard drive. If you are storing your backups on the same computer that your Cashflow Manager software is installed on, it is not very safe. If your computer hard-drive fails, you [...]


6 Technology Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow

Is your small business making the most of new technology? Of course you would be using a computer and a mobile phone – these days that’s pretty much a given, but are you truly utilising the power of technology to grow your business? Here are 6 ways technology can help you improve efficiency in your business. Bank on the Run Get your bank’s mobile app so that you can pay bills while you are out and about, check whether payments have gone [...]

Impreoving workday productivity

How to make the most of each workday in your small business

Sometimes in small business, no matter how hard you work and how many hours you put in, you just can’t seem to keep up. Often you end up spending a lot of time on work that isn’t all that productive and you don’t feel like you are achieving anything. Here are a few tips on making the most of each and every day and increasing workday productivity. Eat breakfast To have a productive day you have to start at the beginning! This [...]

professional business invoices

How to Create Professional Invoices for Your Small Business

For many small businesses, all the hours and energy you put into completing a project results in creating an invoice at the end of the day. It’s important that your small business has professional invoices for a number of reasons. 1. You get paid via invoices. If your invoice is sent out on time and has the terms and conditions set out clearly, you will be more likely to get paid on time. 2. You need invoices to keep business records. [...]

Upgrade to Windows 10

Should my small business upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 builds on Windows 8’s base, offering desktop improvements and extra security features. Should I upgrade? Microsoft claim that Windows 10 is the last major release of Windows, because with Windows 10 you will get your updates and upgrades automatically, for free, for the lifetime of the device it is installed on. Windows 10 returns to the start menu that wasn’t present in Windows 8. It does have touch screen tiles on it by default, but you can remove these if [...]

backup your small business data

Is Your Small Business Data Safe and Sound?

You know how important it is to keep your business data safe. Desspite this, a lot of small businesses are still storing all their data locally on unprotected computers. Data can be lost in many ways. Some of the most common causes are physical failure of your PC, accidental error, theft, and disasters like fire, flood and spilt coffee. To keep your data safe it is important to create a backup. ‘Backing up’ means that you are making a copy of [...]


Why Should my Small Business Website be Mobile Friendly?

Up until now, making your small business website responsive was seen as an optional luxury to many small businesses. This is because most people were still browsing the Internet on their desktop or laptop computer. Based on the latest statistics from StatCounter, in the past year mobile browser usage comprised 21.13% of all Internet browser usage and 11.94% was on a tablet. Statistics from OurMobilePlanet also show that 90% of smartphone users accessed the Internet on their phone daily, 58% of smartphone owners [...]


4 Ways Your Small Business Can Work Smarter

Most small business owners start out with a tight budget, trying to do everything themselves, and working 16 hour days. This is often not the most productive way for you to be operating nor does it make the best use of your entrepreneurial skills. This is why it is important to work smarter in your business by prioritising your tasks, delegating where possible, using the right technology and considering outsourcing. So here are 4 ways your small business can work [...]